Application Development Services

Every company should operate as a technology and data company irrespective of its size or industy. Our goal is for every African based business to have a well built and functional website and operate digitally. Our Application Development Services are designed to help micro and small businesses that need professional business websites, databases, or enterprise applications to get one easily, quickly and affordably affordably and be positioned to become digital leaders in their industries.

A corporate website, online portal, ecommerce website or mobile app is your virtual office, storefront or online salesperson in this digital age. It is the first or only interaction a potential customer might have with your company. With a website you can sell your goods or services and transact business with a wide audience without any physical interaction irrespective of distance or location. A website is one of the most important assets your business should own. We can also help you register your unique domain name and set up your web hosting account which gives you access to customised corporate email addresses. Furthermore, Africa is a mobile first economy, so a downloadable mobile application is highly reccommended as its one of the quickest and surest ways to transact business with consumers.

Automating manual, paper based and repetitive processes or tasks will not only keep your operating expenditures (OPEX) low, make processes repeatable, and auditable, it will also shorten your opportunity maturity cycles. Inefficient processes cost money and you cannot afford to lose money especially in this economic climate. A recent study shows that 20 – 30 percent of value is lost to inefficiency, and unrepeatable, inconsistent, analogue, and in-transparent workflow processes. In addition, with a good data management solution you can properly capture, store, and manage your company data for better decision making, predictive analysis and drive sales and growth.

Our Application Development Services comes in four packages depending on your requirements. Order Now or contact us for more information, to see our portfolio of projects or to discuss your specific needs if it does not fall into any of these categories.

The Online Startup Kit

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Application Maintenance and Support Services

Keeping your website or software application functioning at a high level requires an on-going commitment. Technology constantly evolves, along with underlying trends on how they are deployed; these will continue to drive the need to monitor your site and ensure overall site integrity is maintained. To guarantee your site retains its original design and high degree of functionality or fix any issues that may occur, we offer on-going maintenance and support services so that you can concentrate on your core business. To see our various Application Maintenance and Support plans then send us a message.