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Your customers are all online so it is crucial that you meet them where they are. The Online Digital Marketing Course is designed to educate anyone in the area of Digital Marketing. Learn how to harness SEO keywords, social media, emails and more to promote your business with this Online Digital Marketing training course. The Digital Marketing Course teaches key skills through accessible, informative video lessons and online study materials. This excellent course is suitable for anyone interested in working in this sector or who simply wants to learn more about the topic. If you’re an individual looking to excel within this field then Digital Marketing Course is for you. Contact Us for more information or to book your seat.


To succeed in today's workforce or run a business you need to have digital skills and good ones at that. We run Digital Skills Workshops for entrepreneurs, business owners and professionals who need to use digital technologies as part of their job or to run their businesses. In this course, we train participants on the skills required to work online, run digital businesses and work smarter using digital technologies and ICT tools. Our Digital Skills Workshop are about equipping participants with the competencies required to work or run businesses in the digital era. It's aim is to empower micro and small business owners, entrepreneurs, working professionals and job seekers with the requisite knowledge, skills and behaviours to work in digital environments, create online businesses and use digital tools, technologies and social media efficiently and effectively for purposes of communication, collaboration, planning, organisation, money management, staff management, marketing and sales thereby improving their overall productivity and bottom-line. Book Now or send us an email with your details to register.


Web solutions are now a fundamental aspect of every aspects of life – from work, home to everyday living thus it is essential that we understand how to properly use, build and manage them to be successful and compete effectively in the digital economy and to strategically position ourselves for the future.

The Website Development Masterclass is a 2-day boot camp style/8-hour instructor-led training workshop that will equip participants with the knowledge, tools, techniques and best practice required to build and manage professional international standard websites. We will cover HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript, MySQL, content management systems and more. It will be delivered by seasoned Software Development Professionals.

Participants do not need to be IT experts but must have a basic understanding of IT. At the end of the training participants will have the knowledge and tools to build a standard website using WordPress. Day 1 is a theoretical session while Day 2 is a practical session where all participants get to hands-on build a website. To register your interest, nominate a candidate or your staff, kindly Book Now or send us an email with your details.


Society is now increasingly driven by technology and data. With the growth of digital technologies and data driven economies, a lot of data is generated daily; these need to be properly captured, stored and managed. So how can companies use technology and data as tools to drive business sales and growth? Database systems are analytics tools used to properly capture, store, mine and analyse data which is said to be the new oil, thus a very valuable resource, for business efficiency and competitive advantage.

Database design and development is also an important aspect of Web programming. The course is a 2-day boot camp style/8-hour instructor-led training workshop that focuses on equipping participants with the hands-on skills required to develop database applications using MS Access in as little time as possible.

By the end of the course, participants will have the confidence required to get started with developing professional database applications and analysing data to extract information and monitor trends for business insights and decision making. The masterclass will be delivered by seasoned Software Development Professionals. To register, sponsor a candidate or your staff, kindly Book Now or send us an email with your details.


Business Analysis is one of the most critical phases of the software development process and a key reason why software development projects fail. In emerging and underserved business environments, it is often overlooked resulting in software systems that do not function properly or as the client requires. Business Systems Analysis is the process of studying a procedure or business process/operation to identify its goals and purposes and then create automated systems and procedures that will streamline and achieve them in the most efficient way (i.e., digitising them).

Business Analysis is critical in the world today as only 16.2% of IT projects complete on time and within budget, 52.7% of projects overrun their budget, 31.1% of projects are cancelled before they are completed, over 56% of defects within a project occurs in identifying, analysing, modelling, documenting, validating and verifying requirement thus 90% of Business Analysis skills are required on any project. Accurately communicating requirements (Business, Stakeholder, Functional and Non-Functional) is the root of success for all software development projects. To register your interest, nominate a candidate or your staff, kindly Book Now or send us an email with your details.


Simply put, Software Testing is about finding and fixing bugs in code, incorrect computation of requirements and flaws in design. It also involves the analysis and review of software design, business processes and user requirements to avert risk and prevent software issues. It is a core part of the creation of software systems. Kindly Book Now or click here to register your interest, nominate a candidate or your staff for the Software Testing Masterclass. Alternatively send us an email with your details and we will get back to you with more information.